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    Are you a woman or a man working in the beer sector of the alcohol beverage industry? Then this group is for you! Join us and let's grow our vine! After all ... hops grow on a VINE!

    Join this group within the WOTVS Community to share your stories, share best practices, plan outings and gatherings, share your successes and challenges, share news articles about beer and industry updates, and more!  We look forward to connecting, and collaborating with all our women and men in beer!


    Did you know that only female plants are grown in hop fields that are used in making beer? 

    Did you know in the eighteenth century, a good portion of brewers in America were women? 

    Did you know that women’s involvement in brewing beer has been documented back to four-thousand years ago in Mesopotamia, and possibly earlier?

    Did you know that Ancient Sumerians even had a goddess of beer, Ninkasi? 

     September 27, 2018