Our Purpose

Women of the Vine & Spirits is the leading membership organization
dedicated to empowering and advancing women, worldwide, in the alcohol beverage industry.

We are the springboard for action, the connection to the brave collective.
Complacency isn’t in our nature - we are boldly pushing the alcohol beverage industry
a more diverse and inclusive era that empowers all to succeed.

TOGETHER, we are changing the FACE of the alcohol beverage industry!

Our Pledge

We are the inventors, curators and storytellers,
the ones who know, skill is nothing without soul,

and hard work is nothing without heart.


We are the unapologetic leaders
creating waves,
giving a whole new meaning to the phrase,

“ladies first.”


Because it’s our turn.
To lead with the lionhearted,
to create with the unafraid,

to share our story.


This is our becoming,
the ripples of our rising,

this is our place.

Where our individuality is celebrated, and

our community is strengthened.

This is where our grace meets our grit and

our poise meets our power.


We are co-creators.
We are change-makers.

We are Women of the Vine & Spirits.


Our Community

We rise by sharing the powerful stories of others and
collaborating in a space where our voices are heard
and championed by a global network. 


Corporate Membership

Are you ready to leverage a diverse and inclusive workforce
to achieve superior business results?

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Individual Membership

Are you seeking to connect with individuals that are experts of
their craft and curators of the future?

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(Discounted memberships available for WSET and Institute of Masters of Wine students/alumni, and students enrolled in university)

Women of the Vine & Spirits Corporate Members

Becoming a Women of the Vine & Spirits Corporate Member signals to employees, potential employees and the industry at large that your organization supports gender diverse leadership teams and talent development.

Our Corporate Members by Industry Sector

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Awareness to Action

The greater women’s empowerment movement is swiftly moving from awareness to action.
As the conversation has
become more mainstream, we see more accountability at every level and across industries.

Women of the Vine & Spirits' Individual and Corporate Members are focused on 
action to create
 a more diverse and inclusive workplace and industry.

Together, we have the power to change an industry!

Introducing the First-of-its-Kind List of Female Leaders in the Alcohol

Beverage Industry, Worldwide




Visibility of women in traditionally male-dominated roles and industries cannot be underestimated.


The Women of the Vine & Spirits C-Suite honors and recognizes leaders that are change-makers, co-creators and curators 
in the alcohol beverage industry.

These women have earned their place at the top as forward-thinkers, disruptors, innovators and icons using their voice and position to elevate others into leadership roles. 

View Women of the Vine & Spirits C-Suite



Founder & CEO of Women of the Vine & Spirits, Deborah Brenner, Named

“Social Visionary of the Year”

Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation





Encouraging Bright Futures

Women of the Vine & Spirits is providing women with education, resources and opportunities to thrive in the alcohol beverage industry.

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2020 Scholarship Recipients


Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Symposium

 March 8-10, 2021

Join us for the largest gathering of women and men dedicated to collaborating, supporting and
advancing women in the alcohol beverage industry, worldwide.
Together, we are creating a more diverse and inclusive industry!



Companies with more women board members experience greater financial performance.



Higher return on equity


Higher return on sales


Higher return on invested capital

Source: Warner – Power of the Purse; Catalyst

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Statistics in header above provided by the following sources: Power of the Purse; Catalyst; McKinsey Women in the Workplace & Diversity Matters; Harvard Business Review; Center for Talent Innovation