Self-Wellness for the Body – Creating a Restorative Home Yoga Practice Hosted by Corporate Member, World Cooperage

16 Sep 2020
10:00am - 11:00am PDT
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Join Women of the Vine & Spirits for a Live Chat Wellness Series

Part Three:

Self-Wellness for the Body – Creating a Restorative Home Yoga Practice Hosted by Corporate Member, World Cooperage

Wednesday, September 16
10:00AM PST / 1:00PM EST

Elizabeth Van Emst
General Manager, World Cooperage And Certified Yoga Instructor, 200-RYT

Rebecca Hopkins
Founder, A Balanced Glass And VP Communications, Folio Fine Wine Partners

A three-part wellness series exploring how to support our mind, body and wellbeing during challenging times and beyond. Join World Cooperage General Manager, Elizabeth Van Emst and guest, Rebecca Hopkins of A Balanced Glass, for a three-part series that explores self-care strategies to support long-term wellness and bring a sense of calm to everyday life.

There is so much more to self-care than an occasional spa day or vacation. Self-care is a component of overall self-wellness, which is a more long-term integrated approach to overall wellness. By building a sustainable and consistent self-wellness routine, you not only melt muscle tension and mental stress,  but you can also build a foundation that enables you to face life’s uncertainty and stressors with more grace, compassion and confidence.

Each of the three sessions will focus on a specific area of wholistic health and can be taken individually, or as a 3-part series. Each research-backed session is intended as a building block to ultimately support overall wellness that will help you both now, and beyond these challenging times.

Self-Wellness for the Body – Creating a Restorative Home Yoga Practice

Learn how to build a simple, safe and healing home yoga practice that will nourish your body and overall health. No previous yoga experience is necessary! We will review foundational yoga postures (asanas) that you can then thread together in your own unique sequence from home to create a practice that is tailored for your needs. This workshop will be theory-based, not an active yoga session, and participants will receive tools and resources to help begin their own practice from home with continued support from a certified yoga teacher. 


Elizabeth Van Emst began her wine industry career in 2008 with Independent Stave Company (parent company to World Cooperage wine barrels), the leading global manufacturer of wine and spirit barrels. She sold their artisanal wine barrel brands for five years before being promoted to West Coast Operations Manager in 2013 and General Manager of North America in 2014, a role she continues today. She manages the North American wine barrel portfolio, sales team and West Coast barrel facility.

As a mother to two young children while building her career, Elizabeth began exploring the world of self-wellness to support her overall health, career and family. She quickly realized that a sustainable self-wellness routine was the backbone to health and success in all areas of life. A yoga student of 15 years, she earned her 200-hour yoga teacher certification in 2017 and is currently working towards a holistic health coach certification, to be completed in March 2021.

As part of their mission statement, Independent Stave Company endeavors to help “employees, customers and their communities flourish”; Elizabeth has flourished by sharing her wellness studies and teachings with others, so they can also achieve “healthy success” both personally and professionally. You can discover more about World Cooperage at, or Elizabeth’s wellness writings over at She resides in Napa, California with her husband, Brett and their two children, Knox and Eva.

Rebecca Hopkins is an experienced wine communications strategist, speaker, moderator, host and writer. With a 25-year career in the wine business spanning Australia and the U.S., Rebecca founded and launched A Balanced Glass in March 2018 with a mission to provide education  and  resources  to  industry  colleagues  to  help  maintain  health  and  wellbeing  while  working  in  the  beverage  alcohol  industry.

Rebecca is a 13+ year student of yoga and meditation, with a focus on breath work as a means to manage anxiety, stress, and as a tool to aid clearer communication. She resides in San Francisco and can often be found with yoga mat in hand.

16 Sep 2020
10:00am - 11:00am PDT

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