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Are you seeking to expand your offerings to your students and continue to support them as they embark on their career paths? Do you want to give your students firsthand access to current conversations happening in their field of interest? Would your students benefit from networking with those already in roles they see themselves in?

Gift your students a College or University Membership, which includes access to mentorship, networking, job recruitment, and more!


Become a University & College Member


Does your college or university already have a membership with us? Check current University & College Members Here.
If so, Sign Up for your complimentary membership using your student email address.



What are the Benefits of Membership?


Career Development & Mentorship


- Expand students’ knowledge of the vast career paths within the hospitality and beverage alcohol industry

- Learn best practices from industry leaders via Live Chats

- Gain mentorship from industry trailblazers, female executives and male allies 

- Engage with our groups for more focused content

- Increase knowledge through educational and business resources

- Explore opportunities through our Career Path Guide and Women to Watch Series

- Discover personal and professional educational materials through our Resource Library




Diversity, Equity & Inclusion


- Learn best practices for furthering DE&I within your institutions and workplaces

- Engage students and male allies to join the conversation through WOTVS programs and Live Chats

- Incorporate your membership commitment into your University mission of inclusion and equity

- Expand your opportunities for growth and development with our Job Board

- Gain insights from industry leaders on ways to create a more inclusive culture






"This is a brilliant and unique opportunity for university and college students, female and male, to take part in Women of the Vine & Spirits' programs and to understand why DEI is a business imperative to economic empowerment and the achievement of equity in the workplace. Being a member of WOTVS enhances student education tremendously, to set students up for success as they embark on their career journey.”

- Brian Connors, Director of Florida International University's (FIU)

Bacardi Center of Excellence, and FIU Hospitality Professor




Personal & Professional Development


University & College Membership gives students year-round access to unique educational opportunities, networking, and mentorship.


This includes access to our Membership Directory with opportunities to connect with industry leaders; a Calendar of Events rich in thought-provoking content from industry professionals and outside experts; a Resource Library full of pertinent articles and training documents; Scholarship Opportunities through the WOTVS Foundation; and a Job Board with open positions and direct contacts to Corporate Member companies who are hiring.


Frequently Asked Questions: 


What is the difference between a Student Membership and a University & College Membership?

Women of the Vine & Spirits Offers Student Memberships for individuals who are currently enrolled in school and are looking to gain access to career development & industry resources. 

Membership benefits are limited to certain Live Chats and our Resource Library. You can view the full list of benefits here. 

University & College memberships are structured so that educational institutions can purchase membership, granting ALL students enrolled in their programs access. 

How long does a University & College Membership last?

Memberships run on an annual basis and will be renewed 12 months after the initial start date. Institutions interested can launch a membership at any point during the year. To learn more, fill out our Interest Form. 

How many students can enroll in a University & College Membership?

As a College or University Member, there is no limit to the number of students who can enroll, as long as they possess the correct email domain. 


Become a College or University Member