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What people are saying about the
Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Symposium


“Delicato Family Vineyards is pleased to continue our participation in the Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Symposium. Our ongoing involvement with the organization and the event supports the goals of the Delicato Women’s Leadership Initiative, to foster an environment that promotes the visibility of women leaders and supports the advancement of women. Women of the Vine & Spirits is helping to provide our entire industry with the information and inspiration to not only employ women but to empower, respect, and promote them.” 

Chris Indelicato, President & CEO, Delicato Family Vineyards

“Happy to participate in this amazing Symposium, rich in audience, speakers, subjects and especially objectives. Women of the Vine & Spirits is a brilliant initiative, bravo!

Maggie Henriquez, President & CEO, KRUG Champagne 

“Women of the Vine & Spirits is truly making a great contribution to our industry. It's incredible in a few short years to have made such an impact and created an event that is in such high demand. The voices of the talented women of our industry are so important to hear, and this organization is truly setting a wonderful stage to ensure their contributions are visible and at the forefront of minds!”

Marc D. Taub, President & CEO, Palm Bay International 

"The Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Symposium is an inspirational event and re-energizes your creative spirit. This is a great venue for all of us at Costco to network and connect. We are able to spend quality time with our counterparts, along with our valued supplier and distributor partners. Cheers to Deborah Brenner for her extraordinary efforts to
empower and advance women in the alcohol beverage industry.”

- Annette Alvarez-Peters,
Asst. Vice President/GMM, Beverage Alcohol, DipWSET, CWE, Costco Wholesale



“I can't get over the energy felt when sitting in a room with more than 500 other wine professionals being inspired by personal stories and talking about hard issues women face in this industry. Our strength and our numbers continue to grow.” 

Lisa Mattson, Director of Marketing & Communications, Jordan Vineyard & Winery


“As the world’s third-largest premium spirits company, Beam Suntory is dedicated to growing and developing our talent around the globe. We believe that what makes our leaders, teams, company and industry stronger is our ability to humbly embrace change. As women in a traditionally male-dominated industry, we are “change” – we are trailblazers – and we are part of what will make this industry and our companies stronger. This Symposium provides us with a platform to build our network and our bond of being more than women, but rather, leaders who are enabling the future foundation of growth.”

Rebecca Messina, Fmr. Chief Marketing Officer, Beam Suntory


“Deborah Brenner, with the faith of the wine and spirits industry behind her, has sparked a revolution with Women of the Vine & Spirits and the Global Symposium. We have the opportunity to continue the passionate dialogue that supports the advancement of women in the wine and spirits industries through networking, mentorship, by fostering leadership groups within companies and organizations, and by inviting all stakeholders to the table to seize and leverage the influence of female executives in alcohol beverage industry.”

Cynthia Lohr, Co-Owner, Trade and Brand Advocate, J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines

“Look to your right, look to your left.  If there isn’t a woman in one of those seats, there is more work to be done. Women of the Vine & Spirits is bolstering this movement, giving us an opportunity to invite others
to step up in the industry and fill the seat next to you.”

- Jennifer Engel,
Vice President of Sales, Santa Margherita USA


“Republic National Distributing Company (RNDC) has a strong commitment to the women leaders at our company. Since 2012, over 300 women have attended our professional development program, The RNDC Women’s Leadership Forum. Our focus is to improve key leadership attributes which empower women to be on an equal and respective platform with their male counterparts in the business. Best-in-class education on emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, strategic planning, and influence with diplomacy is part of the curriculum to ensure our leaders are prepared for today and tomorrow’s industry challenges. Another important skill is networking, an area of opportunity for women in a business environment. The Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Symposium provides an excellent venue for networking. The networking experience provides women leaders a chance to share stories of success and struggle. At RNDC, we believe there is tremendous value in supporting an industry-focused organization that amplifies our commitment to women’s professional development and career advancement.”

Lorraine Luke, Vice President, Human Resources, Republic National Distributing Company