The Women of the Vine & Spirits Foundation, Ltd. 501(c)(3) is the charitable arm of Women of the Vine & Spirits. The Foundation provides scholarships and awards for the purpose of helping women advance in the alcohol beverage industry through education, leadership, and professional development.



Encouraging Bright Futures

The Women of the Vine & Spirits Scholarship Fund is named
in honor and recognition of Edward H. Brenner.



“When I started my entrepreneurial endeavor, I enticed my dad out of retirement to work with me. We worked together for seven years and I was blessed to have him lend his expertise and share his wisdom to guide me. Unfortunately, my dad passed away in 2014, just four weeks before we held the first ever Women of the Vine Grand Tasting in Napa. His unwavering support gave me the courage to step up and step out. As a father of three daughters and grandfather of three granddaughters, I am honored to name the scholarship fund after my Man of the Vine, Edward H. Brenner!

- Founder & CEO of Women of the Vine & Spirits, Deborah Brenner