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What does it mean to be Certified Women Owned?

What Does it Mean to be Certified Women Owned?


  • Getting Certified means Getting Visible so that buyers, wholesalers and consumers can easily identify brands that are diverse women suppliers. Many corporations rely on a variety of local and national certifying agencies to help them find diverse-owned businesses.
  • A seal of certification is a formal guarantee to corporations that they are purchasing goods and/or services from a particular group of business owners.
  • Certification is key. Many firms will not begin the relationship building process if you do not have current certification.
  • Companies will search supplier diversity databases when searching for diverse suppliers.*
  • Suppliers may submit products or services for consideration through company supplier diversity departments and/or online through a dedicated supplier diversity portal.

*Corporate Members of Women of the Vine & Spirits who become Women Owned Certified will be featured in the Women of the Vine & Spirits Women Owned & Certified Database.



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Wine Intelligence Report Key Findings

Wine Intelligence and Women of the Vine & Spirits formed a Strategic Alliance, starting with a collaboration to produce a new report, The Truth Behind Gender and Global Wine Consumption: Do Women Really Approach Wine in a Different Way to Men?

Key Findings: The evidence suggests women are more likely to purchase wines made by female winemakers when this fact is consciously pointed out to them in an explicit way. (Source: Wine Intelligence, Vinitrac® Global, July 2018).

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How to Even the Playing Field for Woman-Owned Companies in Alcohol Beverage

Looking for more information?  View our Women of the Vine & Spirits Live Webinar: How to Even the Playing Field for Woman-Owned Companies in Alcohol Beverage.  Learn more about the Women Owned & Certified Program and how Certify My Company can help your business. Hosted by Heather Cox, Co-Founder and President, Certify My Company and  Deborah Brenner, Founder & CEO, Women of the Vine & Spirits.