Breakout Sessions offer an array of topics focused on leadership, career advancement and professional development, with a special emphasis on issues facing our industry and women in the workplace.


Topics include:

  • Confident Mindset: Why Your Internal Script Matters
  • Delegation
  • The Art of Being Honest
  • Caregiving & Work: How Do We Manage Both? 
  • Moving Past the Broken Rung: The Next Generation of Leaders
  • Proven Strategies for Interrupting Unconscious Bias in the Workplace
  • The Power of Women in Sales: How to Succeed in a Male-Dominated Field
  • Best Practices To Demonstrate Your Company’s Values: Communicating To The Industry, Employees & Consumers


Read more on confirmed topics below. More topics to be announced. Topics are subject to change.

Session Type:

Workshop: Interactive sessions that include exercises, role-plays and other activities which offer practical advice.

Panel of Experts: Led by a thought leader in the space, these sessions will offer a brief “state of the climate” followed by a sharing of best practices and lessons learned from experts.

Life Perspective: These sessions offer a mix of advice and inspiration by sharing real life stories to offer a perspective on managing life experiences.


Session Tracks:

LEADERSHIP: Designed for a seasoned or aspiring leader looking to climb the ladder and shatter the glass ceiling.

CAREER ADVANCEMENT: Designed for the mid/senior level professional with significant experience looking for advice around professional skills and job advancement.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Designed for persons at any level who are looking to build or improve upon their leadership, communication, and other professional skills.


Confident Mindset: Why Your Internal Script Matters 


Presented by: Stacy Nadeau, Speaker, Consultant, Coach

You talk to yourself. In fact, everyone does. Studies show the average person has around 50,000 thoughts run through their head per day. Studies also show about 80% of these thoughts are negative. The negative thoughts running through your head have a direct impact on your leadership style. The good news? You can improve it. In this session, you will identify ways to create, implement, and maintain a positive internal dialogue. Together, we’ll discuss the importance of positive self-talk, the lies you tell yourself, and how they impact your leadership style. You will walk away with tangible tools to increase your productivity, improve your capacity for innovative thinking, and be more resilient in navigating everyday challenges. Attendees will gain an understanding of how to increase confidence in their ability to help their own internal dialogue in order to impact their organizations in a positive way.

Participants will:

  • Understand the connection between a loud inner critic, low productivity, high-stress levels, and what to do about it
  • Learn why self-talk is critical to your success and resilience
  • Remember their confidence in a way that is inspiring and motivating 
  • Identify situations where your inner critic is loudest and learn steps on how to quiet them during those scenarios
  • Learn to combat imposter syndrome to become a more productive, successful, and happy leader 



Presented by: Sarah Bettman, Director, Diversity & Inclusion, Constellation

We all get that delegation is an essential leadership skill, but we still don’t do it. Why? There are many reasons: It’s hard; it requires us to change and do things differently and therefore we just do the work ourselves; we don’t have enough time, our team isn’t skilled enough; it’ll just be faster if we do it. But, it’s impossible to have enough time to lead when we’re busy doing all of the work.

With a bit of preparation and planning, delegation can be a lot easier. This 4-step approach will give you the tools necessary to improve your ability to delegate.


  • A framework to determine what to delegate
  • An understanding of who to delegate to
  • How to set up the delegation relationship
  • How to let go

The Art of Being Honest 

Workshop / ALL TRACKS

Presented by: Laurie Gerber, Expert Coach & Co-President, Handel Group®

Are you completely honest with the people in your life: at work AND at home? Do you put off having potentially difficult conversations, or avoid them altogether? Is your best resolution to stay quiet, hope for the best, or try and get over it? Tough conversations take courage, grace, and wisdom. 

There is an art and science to telling the truth, especially in the workplace. But few of us have ever received training in honest communication. In fact, most of us think that telling the truth is hard and confrontational. So how do we share tough feedback, ask for what we need, and create the right context for critical conversations?

In this breakout session, Handel Group Head Coach Laurie Gerber will teach you how to identify the conversations you need to have across different areas of your life. Then, more importantly, she will share the tools to teach you how to craft those much-needed talks so that you'll both listen well and feel heard. Expect to walk out of this breakout session feeling like you can handle anything. Because you can.

Caregiving & Work: How Do We Manage Both?

Panel of Experts / ALL TRACKS

Presented by: Tet Salva, Founder MW Media & Kristi Rible Scobie, Founder, The Huuman Group

With the increasing number of aging baby boomers outliving their retirement savings and the continued rise in dual working families, caregiving of both aging-parents and young children is a growing hardship greatly affecting employees’ productivity and engagement at work. It is a crisis employers can no longer ignore as employees increasingly need to integrate their work and home lives. In the past, caregiving has been viewed as a woman’s issue. Today, while women still continue to bear the majority of the burden, it is no longer exclusively a woman’s issue nor a parent’s issue. It is now a human issue.

This breakout session will highlight the growing challenges we face as working caregivers and provide various support tactics and coping mechanisms to help both employers & employees address these challenges. 

Moving Past the Broken Rung: The Next Generation of Leaders

Life Perspective / LEADERSHIP

According to McKinsey’s 2019 Women in the Workplace study, for every 100 men promoted and hired to manager, only 72 women are promoted and hired. This broken rung results in more women getting stuck at the entry level and fewer women becoming managers. Black women and Latinas are more likely to be held back by the broken rung. For every 100 entry-level men who are promoted to manager, just 68 Latinas and 58 Black women are promoted. 

And yet, despite being the majority of college graduates, less than 22% of women make it past middle management. Meet the women who are blowing past that statistic, rising up into leadership roles at a young age. You’ll learn from them what it takes to position yourself for a promotion, and how to find people who will advocate on your behalf.


Lorraine Luke, Vice President, Human Resources, RNDC


Brenae Royal, Vineyard Manager, E. & J. Gallo Winery

Additional panelists TBA

Proven Strategies for Interrupting Unconscious Bias in the Workplace

Panel of Experts / ALL TRACKS

We all have blind spots: hidden unconscious biases that can influence the culture of our organizations and the career trajectories of employees. Plus, when considering strategies to address unconscious bias one must consider individual and workplace strategies. Sharing best practices, tips and proven strategies, our panel of diversity experts will provide tools to address and interrupt unconscious bias it so that we can begin to change our culture, where all people can thrive. You will walk away with concrete strategies to tackle structural bias—both individually and organizationally.


Alison Gavin,VP Total Talent, Diversity & Enterprise Development, Pernod Ricard


Ingrid Hobbs, D&I Champion, William Grant & Sons

Julie Kinch, Founder & CEO, JK Leadership Advisors

Additional panelists TBA

The Power of Women in Sales: How to Succeed in a Male-Dominated Field


It’s a known fact that the sales sector of alcohol beverage, like all industries, is comprised of mostly men. This is made even clearer as you look at the number of men in leadership positions compared with women. This, despite the fact that women in sales achieve higher quotas, they remain in their role longer, and companies with gender parity at the front line see above-average revenue, market share, and profitability. Many women can feel like there is no career path in sales, at least one that ends up in the C-Suite. The women on this panel will prove to debunk that myth, sharing strengths and experiences unique to women that give a competitive edge in being a successful salesperson, how they deal with rejection, the differences men and women face in sales, how to combat these challenges, and what opportunities lie in the future for women in sales.

Moderator and panelists TBA

Best Practices To Demonstrate Your Company’s Values: Communicating To The Industry, Employees & Consumers

Panel of Experts / ALL TRACKS

Companies are no longer content to do well. Today, many also make it their mission to do good. The Nielsen Global Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility found that more than half of people surveyed “are willing to pay more for products and services provided by companies that are committed to positive social and environmental impact” and two-thirds would rather work for such a company. Social responsibility, beyond making the world a better place, also benefits companies in their recruiting and consumer marketing effort and social sustainability fosters an environment where all dimensions of diversity are valued, creating an environment where people are free to share unique perspectives, encouraging collaboration and driving innovation.

So how do companies in alcohol beverage communicate to the industry, their employees and consumers their values, including their initiatives for gender diversity and inclusion? Hear from panelists leading the PR, Communications and Marketing efforts of these companies to learn strategies they are implementing to bring awareness to their company’s values, and how they are responding to the talent pool and consumers’ demand for socially conscious companies.

Moderator TBA


Kristina Kelley, Senior Director of Public Relations, E. & J. Gallo Winery

Kari Leitch, SVP, Communications & Corporate Affairs, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Rhonda Motil, VP, Marketing, J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines